2022 The best way to guide: How to thin hair

Thick hair seems to be the fashion nowadays, but what if you want to make your hair thinner? It is really hard to take care of thick hair, but there are ways to make it thinner. The following article will teach you how to thin your hair, how to change your hairstyle to make it look smaller, and how to change your hair washing habits to make it flatter and more flattering.

Method 1 thinning hair


Buy a pair of thinning shears. Thinning shears are mostly used in hair salons. The edges of the thinning shears are thicker and more serrated than ordinary scissors, and the thinning shears cut off about 15% of the hair at a time, making the hair less thin while maintaining the original shape. Thinning shears are available at beauty supply stores or in the hairdressing supplies section of the mall.


Before using thinning shears, make sure your hair is clean and dry. When using regular scissors, wet hair is easier to control during the shaping process. However, if you are using thinning shears, your hair must be dry so that you can clearly see exactly how much hair you are cutting off so that you don't thin your hair too much.

Wash your hair with shampoo, then blow dry as usual. If you usually like to let your hair dry naturally, then let it dry naturally; if you usually like to dry it with a blow dryer, then blow dry it. In short, make sure to get your hair as close to its usual, most natural state as possible before thinning.

Do not use the hair products you normally use to thin your hair before thinning it. Otherwise the thinning shears will be blocked and you won't be able to see the true thickness of your hair. In short, this is the time to let your hair show its true colors.


Start by plucking out a fistful of hair. It's best to thin your hair one bundle at a time, handling about the same amount of hair at a time. Pluck out the first strand of hair first and clip the remaining hair to separate from it.


Thin the hair strands. To complete this step, first place the scissors on the second half of the hair strand, almost at the ear, make a cut, then open the scissors and move to the second half of the remaining hair and make another cut, repeating the process until you reach the ends of the hair.

If the bottom half of your hair is thicker, then you may want to start cutting from a lower position, or even from a few centimeters above the tips.

Be careful not to start too close to the roots of your hair. Because the principle of thinning shears is actually cutting off a portion of your hair, if you start too high, you will get a lot of small hair close to the scalp. Look at where your shortest layer of hair is about as long as it can get, and it's best to start cutting from the height of the tips of that layer.


Comb the hair after thinning. Comb out the cut hair with a comb and take a look at the thinned hair, are you satisfied with the thickness? If you think it's too thin, thin it again.


Do the same for the rest of the hair. Thin your hair in the same way, bundle by bundle. To thin your hair evenly, make sure that you cut off about the same amount of hair in each strand, not a lot in one strand and very little in another. Finally, comb out the cut hair, step back and look in the mirror and admire your results.

Method 2 Change hair style


Layering your hair. If your hair is thick and clumped together at the top of your head like a "triangle head", consider layering your hair. Layering redistributes the amount of hair in each layer, giving your hair an overall flatter, more flattering look.

Tell your hairdresser that you think your hair is too thick and you want to layer it.

Thick hair should not be cut directly short without layering. If you have a lot of very thick hair, it will be harder to manage after cutting it short and your hair will blow up like a mushroom, only when it grows to a certain length will it fit convincingly close to your scalp.


To keep straight hair. Small fine curls and big waves will make the hair look more. Some people like to use this to make their hair puffy, but if you want your hair to look thinner, it's better to keep it straight. There are many ways to straighten your hair, both permanent and disposable.

Wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Hair dried with hot air will look straighter, shinier, and more flatter, and will not look as much as naturally dried hair.

Use a straightener. Straighteners flatten hair and make it look less voluminous.

Chemically straighten your hair. If you want to keep your hair looking straight forever, get a Brazilian straightening or other chemical straightening. This option costs more money and the chemicals used can be harmful to your hair and your body, so be sure to do some research on this before getting chemical hair straightening done.

Methods 3 Change your hair washing habits


Wash your hair with cold water. Washing your hair with cold water is a simple and easy way to make your hair look a little less and appear more manageable. Hot water loosens the hair strands and your hair will look voluminous. Cold water, however, tightens the strands and your hair will be flat, flatter and shiny.

If you hate cold water in the rain, warm water is fine. Even slightly cooler water will make your hair look much less.

There is another way you can wash your hair without getting wet at the same time. You can put on a shower cap when you take a shower and then wash your hair with cold water alone afterwards.


Don't wash your hair too often. Washing your hair every day can cause your hair to lose the natural oils that make it look soft and healthy. Washing your hair too often can make it look frizzy, dry and unkempt, especially for naturally curly hair. Washing your hair every 3-4 days will give your hair enough time to balance the water and oil, and your hair will become more conformable and manageable.


Replace conditioner with apple cider vinegar. The ingredients contained in the conditioner will adhere to your hair and invariably add thickness to it. So, if you want to protect your hair and make it look soft and healthy without making it thick, then you might want to try apple cider vinegar. Mix apple cider vinegar and water on a one to one basis and put it in a used up conditioner bottle or a spray bottle and after you wash your hair, you can spray it on your hair and when you are done with the shower, you can wash the apple cider vinegar out. This way the hair will dry soft and smooth and won't look thick when washed out.


Use relevant hair products. There are many hair gels, hair creams, and serums on the market that can make unruly hair soft and smooth. The product you choose must be suitable for your hair type. After your hair is dry, apply it on your hair to have a flattering and shiny hair.

Some hair products should be used before your hair is blow dried. Use hair products first and then blow your hair straight for the best results.

Do not use mousse, it will only make your hair look more.

You will need to prepare

Thinning shears

a mirror



Go to a salon first and let the barber thin your hair for you. Don't rush to try it yourself, watch the barber's movements so you can learn to use the thinning shears to thin your hair yourself.

You can also use an insurance razor to thin your hair, but unless you are very experienced in hairdressing, it is not recommended that you do this because you will overcut your head if you are not careful.