Hair loss can take vitamins, hair loss can be improved by eating what food

Is it okay to take vitamins for hair fall

It is certainly possible to take vitamins for hair fall, it definitely helps to improve the problem of hair fall, but it does not necessarily improve the problem completely. There are many reasons for hair fall, one of which is the lack of nutrition, such as insufficient protein, vitamin B and vitamin C deficiency, hair may fall, so supplemental vitamins are definitely beneficial and beneficial for hair fall, but to completely change the problem, you need to integrate multiple causes and techniques.


Is it okay to take vitamins for hair fall

1. Conclusion: Yes. The growth of hair has a lot to do with the supplementation of nutrition, if the supplementation of nutrition in the vitamin is low, the hair may fall out, then in turn when there is hair loss, supplementation of vitamins can improve this problem to some extent.

2, but we need to know that hair loss is not necessarily caused by a lack of vitamins, it may also be a lack of water protein, calcium and other nutrients, may also be due to frequent perming and dyeing of hair leading to hair damage, more likely caused by UV damage, so we need to find the right reasons to solve.

3, if it is supplemental vitamins, then what vitamins do you eat when your hair falls out? Generally supplemental vitamin C and b vitamins will be more beneficial, but must pay attention to the balance of nutrition, can not say that only supplemental vitamins and not supplemental other, otherwise still can not solve the problem.


What foods can improve hair fall

When the hair falls out, the usual diet can increase the intake of beans, dairy products, pork liver, fish, eggs and so on food, but also eat more potatoes, spinach and so on, meat, fish and fruits and vegetables these should eat more, not just eat a certain kind of food.


What is the cause of severe hair fall women

There are various reasons for serious hair fall, mainly including irregular work and rest often stay up late; nutritional deficiencies of minerals, vitamins and proteins; often dyed or bleached hair; hair is often damaged by ultraviolet rays, etc. In addition, it is also related to physical diseases, to determine the specific cause, should be examined in a professional hospital.