How to nourish and care for women's hair on a daily basis?

 Washing, curling, coloring ...... Nowadays we are putting more and more effort on our hair, but our fragile hair is getting farther and farther away from the standard of healthy and natural. Your scalp is often greasy and you don't go out without washing your hair every day? Dry and frizzy hair, which shampoo is useless to change? Every time you wash or comb your hair, there is hair falling out on the floor or on the comb? ...... hair care also has "careful", small new for you to prepare a hair care secrets, teach you how to raise a head of hair.

  Adjustment of the state of mind

  Long-term tension, anxiety, stress, excessive fatigue and other situations can aggravate hair loss. Usually pay attention to actively adjust the mind, so that the spirit of relaxation.

  Pay attention to sleep

  There are many hazards of lack of sleep, and for hair loss patients, having sufficient and quality sleep is an essential part of the hair care process.

  Balanced nutrition

  Increase the proportion of cereals, vegetables and fruits in your diet, and match meat and vegetables with balanced nutrition, which can nourish your hair to a certain extent.

  Wash your hair properly

  Washing your hair too often or too little is not good for your hair, it is best to wash it every other day.

  Comb your hair often

  Combing your hair can remove dandruff, massage your scalp and enhance the blood supply to your hair.

  Reduce perm hair

  Frequent perming and dyeing of hair is easy to make hair yellow and dry, which is not good for hair care.

  Pay attention to hair sun protection

  The ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage the scalp and hair, so care should be taken to avoid sun exposure.

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