The difference between hair smoothing, softening and straightening How soon can you wash your hair after straightening

 Read: some people like curly hair, there are people who are proper straight hair control, straightening, softening, soft and smooth, the same is to get straight hair, what is the difference? What should I pay attention to after straightening the hair care? How many days can I wash my hair?

  The difference between softening, softening and straightening.

  Softening is the means of straightening, apply softening cream on the hair, after fifteen minutes the hair will become soft, that is, lose the original curl, and then use the ironing board to straighten.

  In the effect, softening is not as straight and smooth as straightening, but softening will be more natural than straightening, and it is obvious that the hair is unnaturally straight and smooth, while softening is to soften your natural curls or previous perm curls and become relatively straight and drapey.

  In terms of process, straightening is only one more process than smoothing, and smoothing is using potion, while straightening is using potion and then ironing with a straightening iron.

  In terms of damage, the hair is already damaged by the potion, and if you iron it with a straightening iron, it will be the second degree of damage. So straightening is more harmful to the hair.

  How to maintain your hair after straightening

  If you want to keep your hair straight for a long time after straightening, you have to pay attention to the details of your daily life to protect your straight hair.

  First: do not shampoo your hair within three days after straightening it, because shampooing too early can easily deform straight hair.

  Second: When you sleep, make sure not to press your hair, but to smooth it out before you go to bed and spread it flat on both sides of your head. At the same time, try to reduce the opportunity to turn over, so as to keep the hair longer.

  Third: straighten the hair, do not tie it up again. Many girls in the wash, the habit of hair tied up, but this is easy to strangle the hair out of the skin, if you do not want to get the hair wet, you can choose to bring a shower cap.

  Fourth: after the hair is straightened, the number of shampooing should be moderate, not too diligent, not to wash too little. Generally wash your hair once every 2-3 days is best. At the same time, shampoo to choose after the hot repair care shampoo, because, will straighten the hair, the hair quality will be greatly damaged, after washing, try not to blow with a hair dryer, but try to choose natural dry, shampoo, must be with the conditioner to protect the hair.

  Fifth: If it is convenient, try to regularly go to a professional hairdresser to do after perm repair care.

  Sixth: hair straightening after a period of time, the hair is likely to not just straighten so straight, even in this case, do not use the clipboard clip hair. Because, straightening the hair itself, the hair quality of the hair already has damage, and then clipboard to clip the hair, equivalent to the second injury to the hair, then, the damaged hair quality is likely to be difficult to repair.

  Seventh: reduce the chance of activities in the hot sun, if you must be in the sun, try to use the umbrella, not to let the hair in the hot sun, because frequent sun exposure will make the hair more and more yellow and brittle.

  Eighth: after hair straightening in order to let the hair quality as soon as possible to recover, in addition to professional repair care, but also through the massage method of scalp. Because the hair's own nutrients from the scalp, massage the head, you can make the blood circulation more smoothly, help the scalp secrete oil. But be sure to note that the strength of the massage also depends on the hair quality to decide, for oily hair, pay attention to light force, while for dry hair, to use a little more force to massage the effect better.

  Ninth: restore hair quality, also need to pay more attention in the diet, eat less sweets, because this will make the blood acidic, the hair will become yellow and dry, usually eat more vegetables and fruits to replenish water and vitamins, at the same time, pay attention to the protein, calcium, iron elements of the supplement, so as to prevent hair loss, gray hair phenomenon.