Transitional short haircut tips to say goodbye to the transition period trouble

 Read: in the process of staying long hair there will always be a short hair transition period, hair messy warp can not be styled, so that the beauty of the trouble, today the hair station editor here to introduce 5 in the care skills to let you easily spend the awkward transition period.

Fashionable short haircut hairdressing skills say goodbye to the transition period trouble

  Not only the bangs transition period is annoying, from short hair to long hair, will always experience a period of hair warped, can only tie a low ponytail super annoying period, many girls suffer no countermeasures, but also smacked like a grocery shopping grandma! Although the low ponytail is popular, but tied badly will still be associated with the word vulgar, how to deal with the embarrassing length of hair? The most important thing to do is to have a look!

Stylish short haircut tips to say goodbye to the transition period trouble


Styling hair bun

  If a low ponytail is tied too tightly, or even with a rubber band that looks like it's used to tie a cheap lunchbox, then your hair will look like a cheap lunchbox too! This is a good time to loosen the ponytail a bit and leave any strands that are not long enough to fall out, wrap the low ponytail around your fingers a few more times (depending on the length of your hair) and then use small black clips or your favorite styling black clips to create a small bun.

Princess Head

  Emma Watson's hair has also met the transition period, she also took the princess head strategy, but here are actually two ways you can try: first, like her hair straightened, and then tied the princess head; second, the princess head half of the hair tied a little lower, and then gently scraped out a little puffy feeling, will be very different oh.

 Perm curl

  In addition to hot straight, really is hot curly, you may feel that you are not a big star, but also no double hairstylist's clever hands, then ask the stylist to help you hot only need to put on hair makeup water on the simple finishing curly hair styling it!

Tuck in the low ponytail

  You can also add a big hair ring to decorate it, which will produce a very different sense of cuteness from the low ponytail. But the rule is not to comb the ponytail too neatly and tie it too tightly, it will really look like an old lady going to the market!

Add hat, hair band

  If the situation is really bad, so bad that the above methods can not be solved, such as said hair perm, or the above hairstyles are not suitable for you, then really have to take out the hair band, hat to wear! At least now is winter, wear a hat also will not be very hot, wear a cap can also by the way to hide the hair in.