What is Remi Hair?

The first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about getting longer hair is the hair extensions or wigs. They vary in hair quality, therefore, in price. The highest quality hair type is Remy hair, making it the most expensive but also in high demand. When you are on a budget, human hair is an option and so are the synthetic bundles.


What Is Remy Hair

As we mentioned before, Remy hair is quite expensive, but once you buy it, you can consider it a real investment for your look and mane. Because we want you to know all the perks of this qualitative type of hair, here’s a list with its most essential features.

Remy hair is made of 100% natural human hair. That means that the cuticle is kept intact, not like other hair types.  They are all oriented in the same direction, and that translates into a natural aspect of each thread, less tangling and frizz.

Virgin Hair is Remy hair. This is the highest quality hair because it’s harvested from only one person. It’s 100% natural and if you ever wondered how celebrities have those exquisite long manes, Remy Virgin hair is the answer. This type of hair was never exposed to chemicals and this makes it unique, in demand, the most expensive but at the same time, natural and glamorous.

Because the Remy hair is in short supply, it is quite expensive.

With proper care, you can use your Remy hair bundles, weaves, hair extensions for even one year or two. On the other hand, synthetic hair gets easily tangled and never lasts that long. Even with proper care, it’s a miracle if you manage to keep the hair looking good for more than six months.

The regular Remy hair is 100% human but, not like the Virgin type, it was exposed to minimal chemical procedures. It has good quality, and it is better than human or synthetic hair.

Another thing we have to explore is the difference between Remy hair and human hair. They are both natural, but human hair has a lower quality. It comes from all the cut ends and locks from hair salons or any unwanted hair.

The cuticles are also oriented differently, and the hair gets into a process that has the goal to remove that cuticle. The bundles are also dipped in silicone to make the threads look shiny. When that silicone washes off, you will discover the true nature of the hair.


Remember those Barbie dolls you used to love when you were little? We all hated it when the hair tangled and ended up looking like a mop, right? This will happen to your synthetic extensions or wigs sooner or later because of the low quality of the hair.

On the other hand, even if it’s more expensive, Remy hair will never look like that if you care for it with special products and use deep conditioning. it is your best option if you are craving for a fabulous new look!