What to do when you have just grown gray hair 3 ways to perfectly cover up just grown gray hair

Read: I believe that many young or not yet to middle-aged people appear the phenomenon of teenage white, the face of just growing out of the braided hair many people will choose to go to the white hair plucked, in fact, this is not the right approach, if the hard pluck is likely to let the hair mother cell damage, and lead to the growth of hair or hair thinning, hair station below 3 effective ways to cover white hair can try oh.

What to do when you just grow out white hair 3 ways to perfectly cover up just growing out white hair

  There are many people who feel anxious when they look in the mirror outside and see obvious gray hair, but if there are only 1 or 2, you can cut them off on the spot, but outside is not a good place for you to look closely.

  The best way to deal with gray hair is to have it dyed by a salon specialist, but you still care about your gray hair before going to the salon, right? I believe there are many people who want to solve the problem of gray hair right away.

  This time we will tell you 3 ways to deal with gray hair immediately when you suddenly see it.

3 Ways to Perfectly Cover Newly Grown Gray Hair

  3 ways to deal with gray hair right away

  If you don't want to make your gray hair visible, "hair dye" is the first thing that comes to mind, but actually there are 3 types of gray hair dye.

  (1) Permanent hair dye

  You can find hair dyes that say "for gray hair" or "dye" at drugstores, etc. If you do dye it, it can last for 2 to 3 months, but because it fades the hair color before dyeing it, it is more burdensome to the hair and scalp.

  If you use it too often, it may cause dryness and damage to your hair, and it may cause stinging because of the strong irritation to your scalp, so you should test your skin beforehand.

(2) Semi-permanent dyes

  There are liquid dyes, hair care dyes, and silk dyes, etc., which mainly allow the surface of the hair to absorb pigment and last for a shorter period of time, about 2 to 4 weeks, but they are less burdensome to the hair and scalp than permanent dyes.

(3) Temporary dyes

  Hair dyes, sprays, and foundations for gray hair coloring are products that can be used to color your hair for a short period of time, so you can keep them in your makeup bag to cover up gray hair at any time and remove them by simply shampooing.

  It is convenient to cover up immediately and does not harm the hair or scalp, but it is not recommended to use it while exercising because it is likely to fall off due to rain or sweat.

  There are these types of dyes and their advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose to use them according to your needs.

 White hair should not be plucked! If you care, please cut it off with scissors.

  If you see 1 or 2 gray hairs, you can't help but want to pluck them out, but you can't actually use plucking! If you pluck it hard, it may damage the hair cells and lead to no hair growth or thinning hair, and it may also cause inflammation around the pores because of the burden on them.

  If you are concerned about gray hair, it is better to use scissors to cut it off from the roots rather than pulling it out.

  This is how to deal with the sudden discovery of gray hair. If the hair is dry and damaged because of covering up the gray hair, it will also lead to a great loss of charm ....... Please take good care of your hair and scalp before dealing with gray hair!