How to cut boys' hair

 There are many articles on the internet and on the market about how to trim men's hair, but if you don't like the "pot head" or shaved head, this article will give you a good inspiration.




Before cutting, wet your hair roughly and towel dry the excess water.



Comb out the edges of your hair and think about how and where to trim it.



First, use small scissors to trim the hair on the back of the head to create a sharp leg. Also trim the sideburns slightly with small scissors. Ask the person how short he/she wants to cut it before doing a big trim.



Comb the hair in the direction of growth and imagine that there is a parting line on the head from between the eyes to the center of the back of the neck, dividing the hair between the left and right sides.


Use both fingers to pick up the hair on the parting line and cut it to the desired length (usually the thickness of the head when your fingers are on top).


After trimming all the hair on the parting line, comb the hair again and start trimming from the front of the head. When cutting, pay attention to the difference in length between the cut hair and the uncut hair.


Follow the above guidelines and imagine a "new line" to the left or right of the original parting line, and repeat the above steps step by step.


After all the trimming is done, comb the hair for the last time. Check if you missed any cuts, and make final small changes and touch-ups.


Congratulations! You have completed your first haircut for men!


The next time you go to the salon for a haircut, take some time to observe how a professional stylist trims men's hair, and take notes if you can. This is the best opportunity to learn.

After the haircut, it's a good idea to let the person take a shower, especially before you leave the house, and remember to clean up any loose hair from his neck, ears and other areas.

Be good at learning some haircutting tips from your favorite hair magazines.



Whether this is your first time or your hundredth haircut, if you are not careful, you will sooner or later cut yourself. Be careful not to cut your fingers when you cut your hair (and be careful not to cut someone's ear).

You will need to have

A good pair of scissors

A comb (with a consistent density of teeth or a wider one)

Clips to hold the hair in place

A hemostatic patch (just in case well)