How to get rid of swollen eyes


How to get rid of swollen eyes

Do you wake up every morning with swollen eyes? If you don’t want to look lazy and uninspired, find out what to do to solve this problem.

Rescue method

Drink water. Swollen eyes are caused by water retention due to salt around the eyes. If you ate too much salt at dinner or cried before going to bed, then your eyes will be puffy in the morning. Drinking plenty of water can eliminate swollen eyes.
Don’t take foods that dehydrate your body, such as caffeine or alcohol.

Apply cold compresses to the eyes. Puffy eyes are actually caused by water in the tissues around the eyes and can be relieved by applying cold compresses. Iced cucumber slices are good for relieving puffiness. To use it, lie flat on your back and apply the cucumber slice to your eyes and hold it for 15 minutes or until the cucumber slice returns to room temperature.
If you don’t have cucumber slices, you can steep the tea bag in water and freeze it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, then take it out and put it on your eyes for 15 minutes. In addition to the effect of the cold compress, the caffeine in black tea has the effect of restricting blood flow, thus eliminating swollen eye blisters.
You can also put two iron spoons in the freezer and apply a cold compress with the iron spoons in the morning.

Apply an astringent. You can use an astringent ointment or salve to tighten the skin around the skin to achieve the effect of reducing swelling. Dab an astringent ointment or salve on a cotton ball, lie flat and leave it on for about 10 minutes.
Sliced strawberries can also tighten the skin and eliminate puffiness.

Apply potato slices to the puffy area. Studies have shown that potatoes contain natural astringent ingredients.
Slice a raw potato and place it on your eyes for 10 minutes. The potatoes will make your eyes feel cool and the swollen eyes will slowly fade.
Try raw mashed potatoes. Puree raw potatoes and apply to eyes for 15 minutes, then rinse off.

Exercise improves blood circulation and helps the flow of water under the skin, eliminating puffiness. If you have time, going out for a run in the morning or doing yoga, even a walk is helpful.

Apply Preparation-H cream, a cream for hemorrhoids such as Preparation-H, which can constrict blood vessels to relieve puffiness under the eyes. If the swollen eyes are obvious, you can use your fingers to gently rub a little cream around the eyes.

Long-term strategy

Get enough sleep. If you have swollen circles under your eyes throughout the day, it may simply be because you haven’t gotten enough sleep or you’re not getting good quality sleep. Swollen eyes are one of the symptoms of lack of sleep. So to get rid of swollen eyes, you need to make sure you get 7–8 hours of sleep a day.

Elevate your head while sleeping. People have the most puffy eyes when they wake up from sleep. The reason for this is that while sleeping, the person’s body is horizontal and suddenly waking up causes puffiness caused by gravity of the body fluids trapped in the eyes. The solution is simple: put the pillow higher when sleeping, so that the body fluid will gradually move down when getting up.
If you often sleep on your stomach, then switch to sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your stomach does not make use of water metabolism and is more likely to cause puffy eyes.
If you like to sleep on your super side, then it may lead to puffy eyes on one side. You can try to change the direction or simply sleep flat on your back.

Take good care of your skin. The skin on your face is delicate and can receive damage if you are not careful. To prevent puffiness caused by sagging skin under your eyes, start now with good habits and take good care of your face skin.
Don’t use chemical products with too much cleansing power to wash your face. Try to use gentle products.
Don’t rub your eyes directly to remove makeup. Use eye and lip make-up remover to reduce the strain on the eye area.
Do not rub your face with a towel. Gently pat the water on your face and dry with a towel.
Use an eye cream to keep your eyes moist.

Treat allergies. Allergies can also cause puffiness under the eyes. Puffiness can be effectively treated by treating allergies.
Go to the hospital to check for allergens.
Make sure the house is free of large amounts of dust, animal hair and other allergens. Change the filters on your heating equipment and wash your bed sheets often.

Eat healthy. See if you regularly take foods with too much salt. Foods with a lot of salt can cause water retention and lead to puffiness. If you still have a lot of unmetabolized salt in your body before you go to bed, it can cause poor water metabolism and lead to puffiness. So please change your unhealthy eating habits.
Put less salt in your cooking, 50% less at first, and then a little less if you can.
Don’t always eat out, the way restaurants cook is not as healthy as you think.
Don’t eat foods with too much salt. For example, potato chips, dried fruit with salt, finger crackers, canned food, fried food, etc.
If you want to snack, then you can choose bananas or raisins, which both help with water metabolism.
Cabbage and strawberry juice have a diuretic effect and can help you get rid of excess body fluid. Do not resort to caffeine to urinate, because caffeine can cause insomnia, but rather aggravate the puffy circles under the eyes.

Drink less alcohol. Alcohol can cause puffiness and dehydration under the eyes. Drink one or two glasses of alcohol at a time, once or twice a week is fine. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to sagging of the skin under the eyes.

If the puffiness is caused by some specific reasons, it can be eliminated by treating the corresponding problems or by spending a special period of time. For example
Hormonal changes due to menstruation
Dermatitis (sensitive skin is more prone to puffiness)
Herpes virus (swollen eye blisters are one of the initial symptoms of infection)
Medications (taking certain medications may cause side effects such as dehydration or puffiness)
Other diseases

Stress relief. Cortisol is a stress hormone that triggers many physical conditions, including swollen eyes. Try yoga, breathing exercises or meditation. All of these methods can relieve stress and are also believed to improve circulation throughout the body.

The Long-Term Solution

Accept yourself. If you’ve seen a doctor and determined that your swollen eyes are not caused by a disease — sometimes it occurs with age, sometimes it may be natural. Then be optimistic and accept yourself and appreciate your good side.

Undergo plastic surgery. Plastic surgery removes residual material from the eyes, tightens the skin and treats puffiness completely. You will need several weeks to recover and pay thousands of dollars for the surgery].

Drink plenty of water upon waking up.
Try an eye massage to improve the circulation of moisture under your eyes.
Don’t put ice or very cold water directly on your eyes.
Be careful when using folk remedies or certain cosmetics, and seek medical attention immediately if you experience any adverse reactions.
Do not apply ice or especially cold water directly to the eyes.
If swelling worsens when using folk remedies or cosmetics, seek medical attention immediately.