How Long Is A 14 inch Wig

 We all know that 1 inch is roughly equivalent to 2.54cm, so 14 inch wig length is about 35cm. For an average height/size person, it is about clavicle length/shoulder blade length when worn.

The 14 inch wig length falls under Medium hair length, and its exact position on your body also depends on your height, head size, shape and neck length. And it is also influenced by the texture of the wig.

For example, 14 inch curly hair length will looks a little shorter than 14 inch wig length straight in appearance.

More about wig length chart, check out this article that also talks about how to measure the wig length and how to choose the right length for you.

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For Medium hair lengths, 12inch and 14inch are very popular, especially for bob human hair wigs.


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