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Many girls face the trouble of their hair becoming easily flattened, especially girls with fine and straight hair roots, even if they wash their hair, but when they go out for a while, their hair immediately becomes flat and oily, no shape at all, and even look thin hair volume, but also show big face. The hair is fluffy not only looks like more hair, but also has the effect of visually modifying the face shape, the whole person is like being pulled up. The whole hair root is actually a little tricky, but it’s not difficult to see the tips to have a fluffy hair root together!

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1. hair root perm

If your home has a curling iron, or perm, the most direct way is before you go out, in the root of the hair on the small curl, remember to be near the top of the hair root position, pull the hair upward, correct the angle of the hair root, so that the root support upgrade, to create a sense of fluffy, so that the hair volume looks instantly more, the whole head shape becomes more rounded look.


2. Change the bangs parting line

If you don’t have a perm rod or hair rollers at home, it’s okay to try a cost-free method, one of which is to change the bangs parting line. Hair that is parted in the same line for a long time can easily lead to baldness and cause hair to have memories, so when one side becomes extra soft and collapsed, it is recommended to change the direction every few months. This will make your hair parting line more voluminous.


3. Blow-drying your hair

There are actually tricks to blow-drying your hair when you don’t want flat hair. Do not blow from the top of your head from top to bottom, this will make your hair more flat and hurt your scalp. You can lower your head or side head, your hair will naturally hang down, then put the hair dryer at the root of the hair, which will follow the direction of the scales growth, so that after blowing, the hair looks more voluminous. For example, originally you were 3/7 side parting, then when blowing your hair, split it into 7/3 parts and blow it, not only does it not hurt the hair quality, but also keeps the hair fluffy.


4. pill head

In the scalp blow dry, hair 80% dry, first rub the hair oil, and then grab all the hair together with your hands, twist in the same direction, and then use a rubber band to tie a pill head, pay attention to the hair can not be too wet, otherwise the effect is not lasting, twist when not too tight, to avoid injury to the hair. When the hair is almost dry, you can take off the hair band, and the hair will show a natural puffiness.


5. Z-shaped parting

Girls with flat hair will have a bald hair line, you can try using a pointed comb to draw a Z-shaped lightning parting line with the pointed end, followed by a side parting, the hair roots will be naturally loose, and there will be no bald hair line, even without a blow dryer to blow the head, the hair can become fluffy.


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