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flower meanings

Hello and welcome to, where you will find flower meanings and spirit animal meaning!

Why I write flower meanings

Flowers are not only beautiful decorations for our gardens and backyards, they can also tell us many interesting stories that we never thought of.
You have to understand the meaning of flowers to enjoy them. The same flowers can have different meanings because of different cultures.

Flowers have used as symbols for centuries. Ancient cultures use them to celebrate important events and rituals. And their presence certainly add to importance of ceremony. Flowers help us express our deepest feelings for those dear to us and to symbolize grief for those we have lost.

Symbolism and meaning of flowers are interesting to us, not only because their historical value, but also because we should know more about them if we want to give them as gift to someone important. You certainly don’t want to give someone flower that expresses something far remove from message you try to convey.

I love flowers because seeing them makes me feel good. I also like mythology behind each kind of flower. That’s why I write this blog.And I hope that people who share same hobby will become friends.
At the same time, I also study gardening and how to grow flower. Sharing the knowledge of beautiful flowers and hope to have a garden of my own one day.

Giving you a flower, may you be as beautiful and lovely as a flower, and may every day you wake up, be a happy day.

Why I write spirit animal meaning

Likewise I like many animals. Animals have animal language, and animals have animal symbolism. I like cats, dogs, birds and so on.

I once had a puppy that unfortunately has left the world. Until now, I do not have a puppy. For some reason, it causes me to be not ready to have a dog now.

That puppy of mine made me deeply appreciate that animals are spiritual. He can understand our language. So I also like to study the symbolism of animals and how to get along with them.

I will also update more about the meaning and spiritual significance of animals later on. I also hope to have another puppy one day.

I hope that you who have common hobbies will become friends. Share our happy moments and share beautiful pictures.
Welcome to contact with me.


flower meanings

spirit animal meaning