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Nowadays more and more women are choosing to stop using chemicals such as perms and texturizers to go back to being completely natural. Relaxer sales have declined as many more women are embracing the natural texture of their hair. As the natural hair movement grows, so does the demand of natural hair extensions.

Just a few years ago light yaki, coarse yaki, kinky straight, and kinky curly textures were not a hot commodity. Although these are not new textures they simply were not as popular. Most women preferred silkier textures such as Brazilian straight or wavy. Previously Brazilian textures were not as difficult to blend with installs because most women were relaxed so their leaveout was bone straight. Unfortunately, those that chose the natural route found it very difficult to blend with silkier textures.

The main benefit of wearing natural hair extensions is simple: blendability. With natural hair extensions there is no worry of too much manipulation to blend your natural hair in with the extensions. Gone are the days of burning and breakage due to using too much heat. No more obvious and unrealistic installs due to textures not matching.

Natural hair extensions also serve as an effective protective style. By matching your natural hair to the correct hair extension texture, you can eliminate unnecessary manipulation tremendously. Your natural hair will thrive with your new hairstyle. Not only will your hair thrive but your install will look so natural that it will definitely leave people guessing.

If you don’t want to manipulate your natural hair but love the look of twist outs, braid outs, and bantu knots natural hair extensions is the perfect solution. They give you YOUR natural hair texture at extended lengths and increased volume. The styling options are endless they can even be straightened to give you that bone straight look without actually exposing your own hair to excessive heat!

While we have given a few benefits of wearing natural hair extensions, this blog post is certainly not exhaustive. They can also be safely colored, which is another way to change up your look without harming your own hair. So ladies step outside the box and choose your texture!