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The hair of boys and the vast majority of girls, compared to the length of shorter, wash, wipe and blow dry hair, this whole process down, fast and easy, super time saving, plus in order to styling, some boys will wash a hair before going out. So do you need to wash your hair everyday for guys with short hair?

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Do boys need to wash their hair every day?

In fact, both boys and girls should not wash their hair every day. The reason is that generally when we wash our hair we use shampoo, conditioner and other hair care appliances, these household items add a lot of chemicals to the hair more or less have a certain stimulating effect, and too frequent washing of hair may lead to our hair on the natural protective role of oil is also washed away. So you should not wash too often.

Wrong way to wash your hair

1, wash your hair too hard

Many boys in the wash hair, feel itchy scalp will scratch hard, but in fact, this practice is not desirable. Because too heavy to scratch the scalp may cause damage to the scalp, resulting in the scalp is scratched. So when you have an itchy scalp, you must not scratch hard, but you need to massage your scalp gently with your fingertips, which can relieve the itchy symptoms while not hurting your scalp. In addition, in order to avoid scratching the scalp, you can also cut your nails short and smooth before washing your hair.


2, cold water washing hair

The summer weather is hot, many boys greedy for cool often choose to wash their hair with cold water, but this is not good for health. Because although the hot time with cold water rinse is very comfortable, but wait until after washing hair, often feel the hair cold. The sudden change between hot and cold is more likely to lead to colds and other diseases. So it is recommended that guys wash their hair is not commonly used cold water to avoid affecting the health of the body.

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