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The more your hair falls out, even the softness and smoothness of your hair is declining ~ hair care is important, but do you use the right method? In the maintenance of hair also have a little trick! Recently, netizens have shared, coconut oil hair care, not to mention the effect is super sensational, tried to praise: hair salon is nothing?

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Super thick and ageless hair

But for the hair care, of course, also not in sloppy, in addition to the daily washing steps on the tips, more will drink a bowl of sesame paste every day to raise hair, so that she went to 39 years old mature age never appear hair fall problem! Of course, not only the daily wash and care can not be casual, long hair in hair care more patience! Among the secrets shared in the community, it is this trick “coconut oil hair care” to keep fans word of mouth!

Coconut oil gentle hair care

The first step is also the soul of this hair care procedure – coconut oil! Before use, it is recommended to chill the coconut oil for half a day to make it a solid texture, so it will be more convenient to scoop and apply! Then all the solid coconut oil evenly smear on the hair, while complete coverage of damaged hair, coconut oil’s high moisturizing power and mild characteristics, neither hurt the hair nor trigger sensitivity, but remember, coconut oil can not touch the scalp, in order not to cause the opposite effect of clogging pores Oh!

Hair care oil doubles the care

Don’t think that’s all there is to hair care! Especially long-haired girls hair is most likely to be dry and bifurcated, malnutrition, when your hair care process will have to be tedious some! The second step, while the coconut oil is still evenly wrapped in the hair, not yet melted, you can add a few drops of hair oil to strengthen, more time can also take advantage of the smoothness of the hair oil and coconut oil, with hand massage gently knead the hair, will make the absorption effect better! Then you can take out a plastic wrap or towel to wrap the hair covered with hair oil, at least 10-20 minutes of stagnation, the longest can also be wrapped to 1-2 hours, the effect of moisturizing is not inferior to the hair salon Yo!

Conditioner rinse and emulsify

Finally you do not rush to rinse! As the coconut oil oil sense will be attached to the hair, the general rinse is difficult to rinse clean, so in the rinse, but also a lot of hair care milk, so that the hair care milk to help coconut oil emulsification, not only the second care, more efficient rinse better, more clean! Many netizens have shared that learning this trick can also save the money spent on hair products ~ you have been troubled by hair problems!

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