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Spring breeze, not as good as wearing a silk scarf you

Silk scarf, this fashion history is a bit long single product, I do not know when, in the impression of many people, almost become old fashioned, old-fashioned synonym. It seems that only square dance moms will like to wear silk scarf ah!

In fact, this misunderstanding is a bit big. Silk scarf such a plasticity of the single product can not only be loved by the moms, fashion essence also love it. Otherwise, Hermes will not go to great lengths to launch new silk scarves every year.

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Spring breeze, not as good as wearing a silk scarf you

If you see a person who can wear silk scarf with taste and style on the street, then she must be a person with good taste.

Only people who have their own understanding and knowledge of fashion can wear silk scarf as a single item to get its style.

I always think: there is no quick fix or skill to improve taste, only by seeing more, more inculcation, more trial and error, reading the beauty of countless, then the vision will naturally become better, and will gradually form a style in line with their own temperament.

Online often see a lot of “silk scarf N kinds of tie” such articles, in fact, these on whether you can wear the silk scarf and good-looking and not much use. After reading so many ways to tie it, you still can’t wear a silk scarf. Look at more high quality street photography, this is the most useful method.

The most like to wear silk scarf is elegant French women, silk scarf is their closet must-have items, spring, summer, autumn and winter, embellished in the neck, swaying.

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