If you go swimming in the pool, you have to take care of your hair oh, because the pool has chlorine and other chemicals in it, which is more damaging to your hair. It can lead to poor hair quality. So how do you take care of your hair when you go swimming regularly? Let’s take a look.

If you dye your hair and go swimming, will it fade?

Yes, there is chlorine in swimming pools, which is very harmful to hair.

1, swimming hair will inevitably get wet, so it is important to choose a good swimming pool, they will generally adhere to the strict use of disinfectants The water quality of the pool is better. And small pools that lack regulation, often by increasing the amount of disinfectant put in to keep the water clean, can have serious levels of hair damage . In addition, the longer you swim, the greater the damage to your hair, so try to limit it to about 40 minutes.

2. The water in the swimming pool may contain bleaching substances, which may cause your hair to become split ends and lose its color. If you are going to swim, please wear a swimming cap. It will avoid a lot!

If you don’t wash your hair after swimming, it will cause serious damage to your hair, not only will it lose its luster, but it will also become yellow and fragile.

How to take care of your hair after swimming

1、Before swimming

It is recommended to apply conditioner before swimming to protect your hair.

Use a mixture of conditioner and water and apply it evenly to your hair before swimming, rinse it off after a few moments. The conditioner forms a protective film on the hair, which can effectively isolate the chlorine components in the swimming pool or the salt in the seawater.

2、When swimming

You can protect your hair by wearing a swim cap while swimming.

Wearing a swim cap for swimming will, to a certain extent, stop the chemicals in the water from eating into your hair. When swimming, choose a silicone waterproof swim cap that wraps tightly around your hair to better reduce contact with pool or ocean water and avoid Hair damage.

Also, be aware that swim caps should be worn as tightly as possible without entering the water. Swim cap is very important for the swimmer, some friends may not pay much attention to swim cap, in fact, this is not only affects The aesthetics, but also for your health, is important for the maintenance of your hair, so make sure the swim cap is of high quality so that It can prevent water from entering, so there will be less damage to the hair.

3、After swimming

(1) Immediately after going ashore, rinse your hair with water and then use some conditioner or hair oil, this can effectively remove the chlorine content or salt in the hair, avoiding these residual substances to cause damage to the hair.

(2) Without conditioner, add some vinegar or lemon juice to the shampoo when washing your hair, which can also reduce the number of hair breakage and make your hair more pliable.


Vinegar works as a natural hair conditioner by closing the hair scales with a weak acidity to achieve soft hair. Vinegar is actually fermented from natural grains such as sorghum, rice, corn, wheat, etc., and it’s not a simple ingredient, many of which are claimed to be nutritious. Shampoo conditioner is actually less nutritious than vinegar.

Adding some lemon juice to your shampoo water not only smells great, but also acts as a natural conditioner. Lemon juice has a pH value of about 3, which is very close to the pH value of regular conditioner, and it also has a richer Water-soluble vitamins can also promote blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate faster hair growth.

(3) When you find your hair abnormally dry after swimming, it is recommended that you shampoo your hair with some milk and allow the milk to dry naturally on your hair, which can It has a very good moisturizing effect. Because the milk is rich in lactic acid components, efficacy and fruit acid in general, the hair and scalp have moisturizing moisturizing performance.

(4) swimming after washing hair, hair to be thoroughly washed and then combed, and try to let the hair dry naturally, do not use hair dryer, hair dryer local temperature is too high, heat transfer is not uniform, easy to make hair damage.