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Silk scarf you still remember, right?

Silk scarf we still remember it, this one can be retro and can be fashionable single product do not know you all this year are sent to the field? This year’s popular accessory items are many, hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc. are driven by the trend one by one, but only silk scarf is a bit lukewarm. In the 60s silk scarf has long been worn by many actresses, with the advent of the new era of NewLook after World War II, the word elegance in the degree to become hot, and silk scarf is then the representative of elegance, elegant and gentle to show the glamorous side of women.

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Silk scarf you still remember, right?

Nowadays, silk scarf can be very delicate in wearing. Usually, you feel that silk scarves are old-fashioned and bad to wear may be influenced by the older generation, for example: our grandma and grandma often use lace scarves to wrap their heads, or some aunts often use silk scarves tied around their necks. In addition to these old ideas, today you should know that in fact, silk scarves can also be very fashionable.

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