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According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 80 million people in the United States are struggling with genetic hair loss, and the first sign of hair loss in women is overall thinning and loss of hair volume. Want to make your hair look thicker? Learn these styling tips!

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Hair thinning hair finishing tips
1、Avoid air bangs hairstyle

For women with thinning hair, the popular airy bangs hairstyle is definitely a big no-no in recent years! Many hairstylists have pointed out that the problem of hair loss generally starts from the top of the head, so when designing a hairstyle, the focus must be shifted from the top of the head, and airy bangs are the focus on the top of the head, easy to make the top of the head look more bare, so it is not suitable for thinning hair ladies.

2、Increase the level of hair

How to add layers to your hair? You can have your hair stylist cut your hair in different lengths, such as longer in the front and shorter in the back, to create layers of different lengths and make your hair look more voluminous. At the same time, you can also cut thick bangs for your hair, and then leave the bangs long on both sides, the contrast of different lengths effectively increase the texture and layers of hair.

3、Cut the end of the hair flush

Professional hair stylists believe that women with thin hair should cut the ends of both sides of the hair flush, the best length is cut to shoulder length, thus creating a sense of weight from the foot part, which not only makes the hair look thicker, but also with a bold and classic hair effect.

4、Dye your hair with a dark hair color

If the hair volume is small, I’m afraid to give up the dream of having a light hair color, because light hair has a light feeling visually, compared to dark hair color can create a sense of thickness. In addition to dyeing light color most of them need to bleach color, which is very harmful to the hair quality, hair volume is really should not make the hair quality become fragile and easy to break, so choose dark hair color, or even natural hair color is most suitable for girls with little hair volume.

5, pay attention to the hair parting position

Many hair stylists have pointed out that if you want to make your hair look more voluminous, you should avoid the middle part of the haircut, because the middle part of the haircut will make the hair look more flattering and lack of fluffy feeling. On the contrary, side parting can increase the volume of hair, women can even use curlers to curl hair from the root to create a wave effect, is also a way to improve the problem of thinning hair.

If you want to visually increase your hair volume, you can also blur the hair parting line when combing your hair, try using a zigzag parting line, which can hide the volume of hair from being seen at first glance. In addition, you can also use a hair-specific air cushion puff, press the color powder on the scalp obvious places and hairline, to create a sense of hair volume, but remember not to use when it is raining or outdoor activities, otherwise sweating will make the face dark.

6、Use appropriate hair care products

There are various hair care products on the market with different effects. If you know how to choose the right product for your hair needs, you can effectively improve the problem of thinning hair. Women with young hair should avoid using shampoo products with moisturizing or silky effects, because these products are usually designed for women with thick hair, while products containing organosilicon and oil tend to make hair thinning, so try to avoid using them.

7、Straight hair clips clip the hair root 90 degrees right angle

If you want to visually increase your hair volume, you must not let your roots cling to your scalp! You can try to use straight hair clips to clip the roots of your hair to create a three-dimensional degree. It is suggested that you can divide your hair into two layers, then tie up the top layer of hair, then use a straight hairpin to clip the roots of the bottom layer of hair at a 90 degree right angle, and then put the top layer of hair down to cover it, it will make the whole hair volume look thicker.

8、Regular trimming

Some women think that not cutting their hair will make it look fuller, but the truth is that you have to cut it because if you don’t, it will look rough and long hair will make it saggy and thick, too close to make the roots lose their volume. Many professional hair stylists have pointed out that the hair is cut to the collarbone or shorter, and the end of the hair is cut to shatter and cut thin, to create a sense of hierarchy, but can make the hair look more abundant, Bobs, lobs and blunt cut hairstyles are good choices.

9, avoid using too hot wind blowing head

If there is a thinning hair problem, generally speaking, the scalp will lack of healthy oil, blowing the head with high temperature will drain the moisture of the scalp, affecting the growth of hair, but also cause serious damage to the hair cuticle, and change the oil secretion of the scalp, ultimately leading to the overall appearance of thinning hair, so you should use warm or cold air blowing head.

10、Blowing upside down to shape the roots of the hair

If you are a girl with thin hair, you need to master the point of hair fluffing, because fluffy to make the hair volume visual increase, it is recommended that you can wash your hair after each time, to blow the way the hair roots blowing backwards, so that when you backward combing finishing, you can obviously feel the hair become more fluffy. Remember to try not to use too many hair care products, otherwise it will make the hair flattened and look less hair volume.


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