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If the hairline is too low, the forehead is short, which directly causes the overall face to be too short, and visually the face lacks beauty. Therefore, some people will have their hairline removed in order to pursue perfection. So, how many times do you have to remove the hairline to get it clean? What is the principle of hairline removal? What are the side effects of hairline removal?




How many times does hairline removal take to get clean?

The hairline removal will only be effective after 3-5 times, because human hair is divided into three periods: the growth period, degeneration period, and stopping period. The laser will destroy the hair follicles in the growth period when removing the hairline, but it will not have much effect on the hair in the degeneration period and stationary period. Therefore, in order to completely remove the hairline, it is necessary to comply with the hair cycle, generally speaking, the hairline removal will take 3-5 times to remove the effect to clean.

What is the principle of hairline removal

Hairline removal is the use of laser selective photothermal theory, so that the specific wavelength of the laser penetrates the epidermis hair follicle, without damaging the epidermis, the melanin in the hair shaft selectively absorb laser energy, the hair follicle heat coagulation necrosis, the hair will no longer grow, and finally achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Usually, hairline removal treatment takes 3-5 times to be permanently guaranteed.

What are the side effects of hairline removal

1、Redness and swelling of the skin

This is because hairline removal is the use of laser light energy into heat energy to destroy the hair follicles of the hairline, once the hairline removal doctor’s improper operation, then there will lead to skin irritation, hairline area redness and swelling.

Suggestions: before going to do hairline removal, to know the hospital in advance, you can see from the name and official website to see whether a hospital is formal, in addition to the network for some of the hospital’s pertinent evaluation can also be referred to. Be cautious in choosing a hospital for hairline removal, to a large extent, you can avoid the appearance of hairline removal side effects.

2, skin sensitivity

The skin is usually easily sensitive, thin stratum corneum people will have hot and itchy skin after doing hairline removal, which is one of the manifestations of skin sensitivity, usually due to skin intolerance to laser energy or improper operation of hairline removal, and the quality of the laser instrument also has a certain relationship.

Suggestion: If you feel hot or itchy skin after hairline removal, then you can ice yourself at home, ice can effectively shrink capillaries to relieve itchy and sensitive skin.


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