How to care for hair after dyeing scientific shampoo + care hair soft and shiny.

After dyeing your hair, you will find that the quality of your hair is much worse compared to the original, coarse and hard, but also extremely dry, even with the addition of fashionable hair color, it always looks lack of shine, this is because of the damage caused by hair dyeing, so you must pay attention to the care methods after dyeing your hair. So how do you care for your hair after dyeing it?

After dyeing your hair, how to care for it?

First: Shampoo.

The first coloring hair after shampooing need not be too early, coloring hair is not like painting that color is not fixed in the hair surface, just let the hair color penetrate into the inner part of the hair, that can make the color more sturdy not fade, this natural must be a whole process, so said coloring hair after not often wash, the first wash should be in coloring hair after three days, and in a week shampooing hair are not too often, a week after the color base fixed not fixed, before you can restore the shampoo.

Shampoo must also pay attention to, not too high temperature, will be some pots of friends more like hot water, in fact, that is not appropriate, the best is still to pick warm water, let the hair feel not cool on it, too hot very easy to lose color, the first time a short time to wash hair is how much will also have some color, so the best in the basin to clean up, do not have to shower to wash hair, or hair dye will continue to touch other location of the skin.

And then there is attention to washing hair, hair is usually dyed with a lot of hair dye, not knowing that hair dye is also very irritating to the skin, so to ensure that the hair clean and tidy.

Second: Care

After hair dyeing hair will appear a problem, is the dryness becomes withered, the original also good hair metamorphosis of dry a little hard, in fact this is a hair dyeing for hair damage, very is bleach after hair dyeing, is also very easy that, must pay attention to is care.

The actual reason for this is that it is possible to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as a lot more than just a few of them.

What to pay attention to when dyeing your own hair

1, natural herbal ingredients hair dyes, reducing the harmful effects of toxicity. Hair dyes that do not contain ammonia are milder in nature. Plant-based hair dyes are not highly durable, but they can help repair and maintain hair.

2. To enhance the color and shine of dyed hair, use shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for colored hair.

3. Don’t iron your hair too soon after dyeing, as it may affect the color of your hair, and to avoid excessive damage to your hair, consider re-dyeing only the roots of your hair.