How to prevent bangs from being blown away by the wind Five tips for styling bangs without messing up the whole day.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are looking for. So how should I prevent bangs from being blown away by the wind? The most important thing you can do is to make sure that you’re not getting too much money.

How to prevent bangs from being blown away by the wind

Wear a hat to hold it down, spray styling spray, and wear hair rollers on the go. Carrying hair rollers with you is a must after cutting air bangs. Wear a hat to cover them up so the wind can’t blow on your bangs. You can also spray your bangs with a gel so that they can be styled and a light breeze won’t mess up the bangs that have been styled with the gel.

How to give bangs styling

1、After washing your hair in the morning, blow it with a round comb.

It is recommended that after washing your hair in the morning, you slowly blow dry your bangs with a round comb to give them a natural curl afterwards! If you don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, you can also spray your bangs with water after waking up, and then use a round comb to style them, and then try not to let your bangs touch your forehead after blowing them.

2, bangs collapsed, rely on the hair to save the curls

The most important thing to do is to curl your bangs! The Hani’s love for hair curls should be known to everyone, even on the show with it XD, whether at home or school, company, when the bangs collapsed, just roll it ~ hair curls down after a little too curly then don’t worry, a little comb down, comb OK!

3, the use of electric rods OR ion clip fixed bangs volume

If you have an electric stick or ion clip at hand, you can also use it to strengthen the bangs volume, can let the bangs maintain longer! The other thing is that the curvature of the baton is too big for beginners, so I actually recommend the ion clip, just pull down a curvature out, super easy!

4: Use dry shampoo & powder to help de-oil your bangs.

When you go out, your hair is fluffy, but in the afternoon your bangs fall off? This is because your hair is oily, so I suggest you prepare a small can of dry shampoo powder and spray it on the roots of your hair when you feel your bangs are a bit oily, then gently brush it away as if you’ve just washed your hair.

The most important thing you can do is to make sure that your bangs are not too oily, and that you are able to wipe them off.

5, directly to the bangs hot roll

If the above methods don’t help you, then you can consider utilizing a perm, so that in the morning you can actually just blow-dry it a little bit and it will basically last a long time! At the end of the finishing hair, you can actually use the styling spray in the bangs, can also help the bangs to maintain a full day of curl Oh!

6, the use of styling products styling

The use of styling products before the first bangs slightly spray wet a little bit, not too wet, and then use the curling ring will be the end of the bangs inside or outside the volume, as far as possible to make the hair circle volume of tight not loose, this time the use of hair dryer to bangs blowing heat, more blowing for a while, but not too long so as not to hurt the hair, to achieve a certain styling effect prevails, then along with the hair circle slowly removed, be sure to follow the hair circle demolition, do not pull, and then slightly take care of some, and finally is sprayed on the styling liquid, so that the air bangs styling effect will be more durable.

7, the use of potion styling

In addition to the styling solution, there are also styling potions, first we need to use the emulsion cream to soften the hair, the time to use about half an hour, so as to have a better curl effect, then wash the emulsion cream and use the curling iron to curl the bangs, after doing these steps, and finally is the use of the styling potion, after ten minutes to clean the bangs on the potion, and then use the hair dryer to have a good styling effect.