1. Wash your hair every day

It is not recommended to wash your hair every day in the fall and winter, as frequent washing can wash away oil and moisture, and shampooing once every 2 days can maintain shine and moisture. Nourishment. But for people whose scalp pores themselves are prone to oiliness, this doesn’t work.

2. wash your hair and sleep.

Some people go to bed without blow-drying their hair because they are tired or don’t want to take the time to do it, but the truth is that because of the freshly washed scalp, the pores will Open it up and the hair scales get brittle and when they rub against the pillow it hurts the hair! And according to Chinese medicine, this will accumulate moisture on the scalp, which may lead to chronic headaches in the future.

3. Hair tied too tightly

A high ponytail, in particular, ties the hair up too tightly, and the weight of the hair pulls on the scalp, making it more prone to Shedding can even cause the skin around the face and hairline to sag! Avoid rubber bands in the hair bundles you use, preferably replacing them with relatively easy-to-loosen, highly elastic hair loops.

4. Frequent combing

However, frequent combing can stimulate the sebaceous glands and lead to oily hair, which is more prone to split ends, especially when hair is wet.

5. Hot water for conditioning hair

When shampooing, though, the proper warm water temperature opens up the hair scales and helps remove dirt, sebum and other metabolites. However, when the hair is exposed to hot water above 38 degrees C, the elasticity of the hair decreases and the roots become weak. It’s recommended that you wash your hair with warm water at 36 to 38 degrees C to efficiently remove dirt without damaging your hair!

What to do if your hair is dry and tangled
Hair Care
Hair Care

1. Change shampoo according to scalp condition

Scalp conditions, depending on the climatic attributes of summer and winter, require different functions and properties in terms of hair shampoo products. For example, the hot summer needs oil control and sun protection; autumn and winter pay extra attention to the moisturizing steps; once the scalp or hair appears red, the scalp needs to be shampooed. It is also recommended to change hair products for different symptoms, such as swelling and itching.

2. Avoid the roots of your hair.

The function of a hair conditioner is to replenish the nutrients to damaged hair after a perm, and to neutralize the PH value of the hair. However, if you apply the conditioner too close to the roots of the hair, the roots will absorb all the nutrients and become heavy, which will easily make the hair “fluffy”. Therefore, the conditioner should be applied from the middle to the ends of your hair.

3. Focus on the moisturized ends

The scalp naturally produces oil, and the right amount of oil helps our hair maintain a healthy shine and moisture level. However, the oil does not reach the ends of the hair, which is why the ends are prone to split ends and dryness. Regular trimming and application of conditioner is essential to maintain the ends of your hair.

4. Regular deep conditioning

Hair is a woman’s second face, in fact, not only autumn and winter care maintenance, but also daily life needs to be regular and moderate to do deep conditioning of hair; especially at home with curling iron blow-dry, fix, perm, it is recommended to apply a layer of hair care products, a layer of protection beforehand.