Pygmalion,King of Cyprus,was a famous sculptor.He made an ivory image of a woman so lovely that he fell in love with it.Every day he tried to make Galatea up in gold andpurple,for that was the name he had given to this mistress of his heart.
He embraced and kissed it,but it remaineda statue.In despair he went to Aphrodite‘sshrine for help.Offering rich sacrifice and sending up a passionate prayer,he begged the goddess to give him a wife as graceful as Galatea.
Back home,he went straight up to the statue.Even as he gazedat it a change came over it.A faint colour appeared on its cheeks,a gleam shone from itseyes and its lips opened into as weet smile.Pygmalion stood speechless when Ualatea began to move towards him.She was simple and sweet and alive!Soon the room was ringing with her sliver voice.The work of his own hands became his wife.