Didn’t the year just go by in the blink of an eyelash?!  At a time where there is so much rushing around and stress levels can be quite high, we are taking the opportunity to rejoice and celebrate all the good around us!  It is so easy to find things to grumble and complain about.  Let’s face it… life is stressful and almost nothing goes as we would prefer, but we can choose joyful in most any circumstance.  While it sometimes takes a bit more digging, we can always find a positive in any situation… “could be worse”, “could be harder”, “beats the alternative!”. This December we have decided to rejoice!

In our business, hair is what gives us joy!   It is a small part of our existence, but for us girls, we know it is a very important small part of who we are.  It can certainly make all the difference in our mood or confidence each day.  There is so much we are celebrating this year.  Thanks to our amazing loyal clients, we have experienced the most amazing growth and have put it all back in to making our site and shipping facility bigger and way more efficient.  We are focused on making sure you have only the best products available to you and you don’t have to wait long to have them. Our goal: If we don’t have it… no one does! Thanks to you, we are nearly there!