Silicone oil-free shampoo must be good? 4 new healthy shampoo concepts you must know

Introduction: modern people’s living environment, work and rest change, not only everywhere is caused by sensitive factors, even shampoos are everywhere hidden crisis! You and I both know that shampoo to pick silicone oil-free, but silicone oil-free shampoo will be safe, must be good? Even many people can’t tell the difference between shampoo and shampoo?

Modern people’s living environment, changes in work and rest, not only everywhere caused by sensitive factors, even shampoo is everywhere hidden crisis! You and I both know that shampoos should be selected without silicone oil, but no silicone oil shampoos will be safe, must be good? Even many people foolishly do not know the difference between shampoo and shampoo? 4 you must know the new concept of healthy shampoo let small editor to point out for you! The original different hair texture and scalp suitable for different!

The silicone oil-free shampoo must be good?

In recent years, people’s concept of maintenance products and even shampoo products are more and more solid, know how to pick, what kind of ingredients and styles for themselves, but most of the girls in picking shampoo, although know to silicone oil-free shampoo as the first choice, but this wide variety of silicone oil-free shampoo really all for you? In fact, the so-called healthy shampoo, in addition to the silicone oil-free, fragrance, pH and dye formula ratio is the key, if you only rely on the label to identify the shampoo without silicone oil can be a big loss!

Dyes, acidity and alkalinity are the core.

However, how do you choose a shampoo that is truly healthy and suitable for you? Choosing shampoos that claim to be silicone free is just the basics, then you have to do a second screening according to your hair texture and needs! For example, for girls with sensitive scalp and soft hair, it’s best to choose a mild shampoo with an pH of around 5.5 and avoid too many fragrances and dyes to achieve a truly healthy shampoo. If you have dry or oily hair, you should avoid shampoos that are more moisturizing, natural and simple ingredients are your first choice, and you’d rather take a few more steps to condition your hair than to think that one can do it all!

What is the difference between a shampoo and a shampoo?

However, there are certainly many girls will have this question, shampoo and shampoo in the end what is the difference? There are even ridiculous rumors that shampoo is for boys and shampoo is for girls~ (laughs) In fact, the two are not only different, but also different in terms of ingredients, texture and efficacy! First of all, the reason why shampoo is famous for its milk is because it will add creamy hair care products in the ingredients, the color is usually white, the hair will be very smooth and not tangled after washing, but the relative shampoo is also very easy to add silicone oil, sensitive scalp people must avoid! As for shampoos, they are clear gel shampoos with no added conditioner, and although they are dry after washing, their ingredients are simpler than shampoos.

There are tricks to washing your hair.

Of course, in addition to the little common sense shampoo to know, the way to wash your hair should also pay attention! The scalp is like our second face, in the shampoo on the best first shampoo in the hands with water rubbing even lather, then apply in the hair, do not directly pour shampoo on the hair, otherwise it is easy to cause uneven scrubbing, not easy to clean the problem, long term fear of causing hair follicle damage, causing hair loss crisis. In addition, you should wash your hair every day, and wash it twice a day, the first time for about 15-20 seconds to take away the styling products or dirt, the second time to clean the scalp with a circular massage with your fingers and abdomen for 1 to 2 minutes, and in the process, keep warm water at 38-42 degrees to thoroughly clean the hair follicles of dirt without hurting the scalp.