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35inch Large Square silk scarf for hair wrapping at night Silk Like Scarf Women's Fashion Pattern Large Square Satin Headscarf Orange Chain

Some fashion people say: silk scarf is a woman’s second layer of mysterious skin.

Silk scarf, from its initial function of keeping out the cold, has developed into a fashionable and indispensable item in modern times. Nowadays, it has become a synonym of elegance and sophistication.

This is a new environmentally friendly printing process, more widely used in fashion and home decoration. Briefly described process is: after making a good picture on the computer printed on the fabric with a printing machine.

The effect of digital printing and the relationship between the machine and the ink is large, the configuration is high, the price is high, the printed effect is comparable to 4K effect.

The advantages of this printing method is the high efficiency of proofing, bright and rich colors, natural and soft transition between colors, can print complex patterns, the set of colors can be adjusted at will.

Therefore, digital printing of silk scarves is basically more cost-effective.

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