Sleepy hairstyles are all the rage this year.

The first thing you need to do is to look at your hair like it’s just waking up, fluffy and a little bit messy. But this hairstyle is not frizzy, but slightly messy.

What looks good with medium-length curls? Some opt for the popular wool curls, while others opt for the popular Korean seaweed curls.

Sleepy hairstyles are not all fluffy and hard to look at, they can be partial fluffy curls or full curls.

Dyeing adds a shiny texture to the curls, and the highlighting is vested in the mid-length curls, making them a bright presence wherever you go.

Slightly fluffy slightly curly long arc of hair, sharp simple curl line, overflowing with a small woman’s gentle low-key.

A purple-brown ombre hair dye with partially highlighted ends gives an otherwise ordinary, airy volume a layered, chic aesthetic.

The most important thing you can do with your hair is to make sure that it’s not too hot. This year’s hair volume sense is important, and the repair of aging is also the focus.

Wet-textured, medium-length, slightly curly hair that may look a little difficult to manage, but actually isn’t, slightly curly and natural and graceful.

Center parted bangs hairstyle, high forehead, short face girls show delicate features, curls soften the angular lines, but also temperament.

Dyeing the hair adds to the curvy airiness and style of the curls and the look doesn’t look so boring.