As Summer is in full swing, many people are finding their hair to be a bit harder to manage than normal. Whether you wear wigs everyday or keep it au natural, using your winter/spring routine on your hair is not going to do much for your hair unless you live somewhere where the weather is the same all year round – and even then, everyone’s routine needs a shakeup every so often!

With the heat and sweating, along with the fact that many of us will be outside more often than we have been, your hair will succumb to the worst season for hair. Due to the extreme heat, excessive exposure to UV rays, and constant contact with salty air and chlorinated water, your hair is about to face some serious dryness—which unless taken care of properly, can leave you with some seriously damaged hair. So, what can you do for your hair to protect and counteract the dangerous elements this summer? Here are five simple tips that will keep your natural hair looking fabulous, so that it is healthy on days you wish to wear your favorite wig out, or for those days off when you just want to give your hair a break.

Conditioner is Your Friend!

The first step in your hair care routine this summer should be conditioning; and yes, this does mean conditioning BEFORE you reach for that shampoo bottle. Coat your dry hair with your favorite conditioner and then put on a shower cap. Leave the shower cap on while in the shower to let your hair absorb the nutrients.

Do the rest of your Shower Routine

Whether that is washing your face, shaving, using an in-shower moisturizer, or all of the above, before you wash out that conditioner, take time to do the rest of your routine first – for roughly 5-10 minutes. The steam from the shower will allow the strands inside the shower cap to soak up the conditioner.

Rinse Out Conditioner

You will know you are ready to move on when your strands are detangled but don’t have a greasy or filmy feel.

Summer Hair Care Tips--Tiffany Hair Shop 3

Time For Shampoo!

There is a technique to using shampoo rather than just lathering it like we do conditioner. The Hydra Shampoo by beautimark is our favorite! Concentrate on your scalp near your hairline, working back through your scalp, and massage your shampoo through the roots to create a light lather. Once you have worked a lather throughout your hair it is time to rinse!


Finally, the last step! It’s time for round two of conditioning! Where you put the conditioner this time, however, is incredibly important. Find roughly where the top of your ears are and start massaging the conditioner from there down to your ends. Then use the same rinse technique from step 3 above. Then you are all done! Something a little extra you can do when you are drying your freshly washed hair is to use a microfiber towel to help fight split ends or frizz.