When an African American woman chooses to purchase and wear a wig she must first decide if the wig should be made of synthetic fibers or natural hair. For any person intending to wear a wig on a daily basis, it’s important to compare and contrast the pros and cons of these two types of wigs before making a purchase. Some may prefer the look of one over the other, but no matter what type is chosen, the wearer should be aware of how to care for their wig so it will last.

Human Hair

When buying a human hair wig, the wearer must first decide what ethnicity of hair they want for their wig. African American women don’t necessarily need to buy wigs made with African American hair. Many wigs are made of real Caucasian or Hispanic hair and can be simple to style and maintain.

Buyers should be aware that a human hair wig is more expensive than a synthetic hair wig. Caring for a human hair wig is very similar to caring for normal human hair. These wigs can withstand brushing, blow drying and heat styling without any problems. No matter what ethnicity of hair is used, wigs should always be washed in luke-warm water with a gentle shampoo and a thick, nourishing condiitioner.

Synthetic Hair

There are also benefits to buying a wig made of synthetic hair. When synthetic hair is used for wig-making purposes, it is made in all textures, colors, and styles. It can easily be matched with a woma’s natural hair. These wigs can be much easier to style, because these synthetic fibres that make up these wigs aren’t as coarse, dry or brittle as actual African American hair.

Synthetic hair wigs are typically much more affordable than human hair wigs. The main issue with owning a wig made of synthetic fibers is that it cannot be restyled using any sort of heated hair appliance. Heat can cause the wig fibers to melt and possibly become damaged beyond repair. Also, synthetic hair wigs typically don’t last as long as human hair wigs, and usually need to be replaced within a year.

Understanding Yaki Wigs

Yaki wigs are some of the most popular types of wigs for African American women. Yaki is a hair texture that is created to look and feel like African American hair that has been processed by relaxers. Yaki hair can either be synthetic or human hair, but it is the processing to create specific textures that make these wigs unique. There are four primary types of yaki wigs.

Straight Yaki (or Silky Yaki)

Silky yaki wigs are the lightest types of yaki. It makes the hair look relaxed and flat ironed straight. The unique aspect of straight yaki wigs is that when you look closely at the wigs you can see ripples in the hair, similar to the way real African American hair would look if it had been conditioned and straightened.

Regular Yaki

Regular yaki wigs, also know as yaki or relaxed yaki wigs, are the most popular types. Regular yaki wigs are designed to look like Afircan American hair that has been relaxed. This type of wig is not as straight, smooth or silky as the straight yaki wig because relaxed Afircan American hair still remains coarse after being relaxed.

Kinky Yaki

Kinky yaki wigs are designed to look like natural African American hair. These wigs are typically thick and kinky in nature and look similar to black hair that has been blow dried straight, but not straightened or relaxed.

Coarse Yaki

The coarse yaki wig is made to look like coarse, kinky African American hair that has not been through any processing. Typically you can either purchase wavy coarse yaki wigs or curly coarse yaki wigs, depending on how tight of curls are preferred.

Half Wigs

Half wigs, or falls, are popular with many African American women, and are typically used to make a woman’s hair appear longer or fuller. These wigs only cover half of the hair, with the rest of the natural hair left exposed. Some half wigs are clipped into the hair, while others are placed on top of the hair in a headband form.

Choose Your Look

There are many different styles and types wigs available for African American women. The most important thing to remember is that the wig should look and feel the way the woman wearing the wig wants it to. African American wigs can be used for several purposes, and whether they’re for covering an area on the head where hair loss is occurring or if they are being used to help a person change their look, a high-quality wig can make all the difference.