The actual reason for this is the fact that it’s a good idea to have the ability to get the most out of your hair.

Poor hair looks extremely frizzy and dry, what to do at this time? It is important to choose a suitable shampoo, deep conditioning of the hair and using the correct shampoo and hair care practices, etc.

The actual hair is dry and frizzy.

1, suitable washing products

To repair frizz after a perm, the first step is to choose a set of shampoos and conditioning products that are suitable for your individual hair type, according to the correct instructions for use, to repair frizzy hair.

2, the use of olive oil nourishment

Add 2 to 3 drops of olive oil to your conditioner when shampooing to nourish frizzy hair, or put a drop in your hand before bed. Two drops and apply to frizzy hair. But don’t add too much, or your hair will feel oily.

3: Leave the conditioner on longer.

When shampooing, wring out the water from your hair and apply the conditioner to dry hair, allowing it to stay in your hair longer so that your hair absorbs the nutrients in the conditioner.

4: Use a towel to absorb the water after shampooing

After washing frizzy hair, you should use a towel to absorb the excess water rather than wiping back and forth vigorously, the friction will damage the hair and frizzy hair will be more difficult to repair.

5, and so the hair natural air drying

After a perm hair lacks moisture and becomes frizzy, after shampooing and waiting for it to air dry naturally, the hair will absorb the moisture. If you blow dry, the frizzy hair will not get the moisture and will only become more dry.

Which hair mask smoothing to improve the effect of frizz

Kiehl’s Olive Oil Deep Repair Hair Mask. Helps repair, moisturize and strengthen damaged hair fibers Restore shine and health to dry hair. You can try it.

L’Occitane Herbal Shine Treatment Mask is made with three pure essential oils of angelica, lavender and geranium, combined with a rich and creamy texture. It is formulated to provide deep conditioning, strengthening and soothing triple action for hair. It provides deep nourishment and repair, strengthens and soothes the hair, especially for dry damaged hair or weak hair after perming.

It is ideal for dry, damaged or weakened hair and is ideal for dry, damaged or weakened hair.

L’Oréal Paris ROUGE Hair Mask, designed for frizzy hair, contains active moisturizers that nourish, smooth and manageable hair, eliminating tangles and maintaining just the right amount of volume.