When women find out they have to wear a full wig, they tend to become discouraged. They fear that everyone will be able to notice the wig they are wearing and their hair will appear fake. However, with the latest technology, a human hair wig will look like your real hair and can be treated like real hair. This wig can be styled to your liking through cuts and dyes while being styled with heating tools and products. The only thing to really worry about is choosing the best style for your face.

The best style for your face will highlight your features instead of bringing attention to the features you might wish to hide. So what really is the best style for your face?

  • Round- If you find that your face is round, stay away from blunt bobs and full curls. Instead, stick with longer styles that include layers and bangs. If you wish to have shorter hair, keep your bob longer and not as dramatic to keep your face from appearing rounder.
  • Oval- An oval face is actually the most ideal face shape. Most styles will pair well with an oval face, so choose a style that you will enjoy.
  • Heart- This face shape tends to end in more of a point at the chin than others, so choose a style that draws attention to the top of your face. This usually means a hairstyle that includes a type of bang.
  • Long- While long hair can highlight the full length of your face, adding longer layers and waves to your hair can help highlight your face instead of make it longer.
  • Square- Use a style with layers and curls to help blend out the harsher angles of your face.