What is the difference between acid and alkaline shampoos What is the effect of weak acid shampoos?

Depending on the acidity and alkalinity, the shampoos available in the market can be divided into alkaline and acidic shampoos. So what is the difference between acidic and alkaline shampoos? What are the effects of weak acid shampoos? What are the weakly acidic shampoos?

What is the difference between a weak acid shampoo and an alkaline shampoo?

  Different PH values. Weakly acidic shampoos have a pH value of less than 7, while weakly alkaline shampoos have a pH value of more than 7. Their test on the pH test paper If the PH test paper turns red, it is a weak acidic shampoo, and if it turns blue, it is a weak alkaline shampoo.

  2. Suitable for different hair types. Weakly acidic shampoo is suitable for MM with neutral and dry hair, while weakly alkaline shampoo is suitable for MM with oily hair. On the other hand, oily hair MM should quickly solve the problem of oily hair, rather than long-term use of weak alkaline shampoo, or hair On the normal protective layer of oil will also be destroyed oh.

  3, market demand is different. As most people’s hair is weakly acidic, the market demand for weak acid shampoo is greater than that of weak alkaline shampoo.

What is the effect of weak acidic shampoo?

  Reduce hair loss and condition your scalp. On the outermost layer of our skin is a natural protective layer called the sebaceous membrane, which protects us from most bacteria and environmental aggressions. It has a pH value of 5.5, and this film is very fragile and can be easily destroyed by many alkaline products (pH>7.5). Weakly acidic shampoos (5.0-6.0) are compatible with the body’s acidic nature and can deeply repair damaged hair and nourish the skin on the head. It can also be used for a long time to repair hair damage caused by perming and hair coloring. It smoothes out hair fibers and restores hair’s original smoothness and shine.

What are the weak acid shampoos?

  sebamed mild shampoo

  ph5.5 constructs a weak acid healthy scalp environment, stabilizes hair roots, complex moisturizing composition reduces scalp and moisture evaporation, weak acid barrier Continuously protects the scalp against external stimulation of the scalp roots.

  Irby’s Fragrant Olive Acid Shampoo

  With a pH=5.5, this shampoo is weakly acidic, and the gentle rinse and soft olive oil make this shampoo a Conditioning shampoos, while the supply of vitamins and other nutrients prevents dandruff, the aromatic effect of incense and lavender, and reduces perming. Hair dye and other odors.

  Kumano Grease Natural Weakly Acidic Silicon-Free Horse Oil Shampoo Shampoo

  It has the same weak acidity as human skin, which effectively protects the scalp and neutralizes the damage caused by alkaline perming solutions, thus making the hair more beautiful. Bright and dark. Among them, horse oil moisturizing become, can improve the hair texture, repair dry frizz, making the hair reborn, is definitely a and good! Weak Acid Shampoo.