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We have a lot of hair problems and it is different for everyone, but there is a relationship between hair washing and hair quality. Most people use shampoo + water to wash their hair in daily life, in fact, for the health of hair and scalp, you can add edible salt when washing your hair. So, what is the effect of putting salt in hair washing?

What is the effect of putting salt in hair washing

When washing hair with appropriate edible salt, it can have a certain anti-bacterial effect, about the type of dandruff can be carried out for the purpose of dandruff. However, it should be remembered that not all dandruff is caused by bacteria, for example, some dandruff is caused by malnutrition or drug allergies, and salt water shampooing has no real effect on dandruff of other characteristics.

Can salt water prevent hair loss?

Salt water can prevent hair loss, the sodium salt in salt water can regulate the water-electrolyte balance in the scalp area, reduce the stimulation of androgens on hair follicles, and suppress the onset of metabolic disorders. In addition, some hair loss caused by unclean hair, bacterial infection, excessive oil secretion, salt water hair washing can also play a very good effect.

The correct way to wash your hair with salt

The first step: take table salt

Generally a basin of water within 50 grams of salt can meet the needs, according to probably the usual small tablespoon of salt put 5 to 8 spoons can be. The water temperature can be on the high side, so that the salt gets fully dissolved.

Step 2: Wash your hair

There is no extra attention to wash hair, normal hair can be washed, you can use shampoo in hair washing, but the shampoo should not be too stimulating, the amount used should be less than normal hair washing.

Step 3: Thorough cleaning

Salt water hair washing a very important step is to wash the head after the water must be fine clean, especially the part of the scalp. If the residual salt water accumulated on the scalp, it is likely to over-stimulate the scalp, resulting in dry, itchy scalp, and even cause allergies, so this step is not less.

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