What’s the difference between a good hair dye and a bad one? Is hair dye bad for your health?

It’s easy and fast to dye your hair with hair coloring creams, and you can get popular and beautiful hair colors at home, but what’s the difference between a good hair coloring cream and a bad one? Is hair coloring cream harmful to the body?

What is the difference between good and bad hair coloring creams?

A good brand of coloring cream has a very stable pigment, and the color will fall out more slowly, the texture is better, the gloss saturation is good! Although coloring creams and perms are more or less harmful to the hair, branded products can reduce the damage to a very low value, the workmanship will be more delicate.

The good hair coloring cream will let you dye your hair, both the shine and the smoothness will be improved by one level, in fact, it is really a price for a good product.

Is hair dye cream bad for your health?

1、Most hair coloring creams contain allergen – p-phenylenediamine, some people will have an allergic reaction to this chemical ingredient, after using hair coloring cream, there will be puffiness of eyelids, redness of skin and even itchy rash;

2、Dyeing will affect the moisture imbalance in the hair, and cause a lot of protein to denature, resulting in brittle hair, losing its natural softness, toughness and shine;

3、The stimulation of hair coloring cream will cause inflammation of the scalp and hair follicles, which will cause the hair follicles to shrink and the hair will become thicker and thinner and finally fall out;

4、Toxic chemicals in hair coloring cream need to be metabolized by the liver and kidneys after entering the human body, and long-term repeated inhalation will definitely cause damage to the liver and kidney function.

What to look for in a hair coloring cream

1、Immediately after coloring your hair, you can’t iron your hair, otherwise it will affect your hair color;

2、If you dye your own hair, you must wear gloves, otherwise the chemicals may cause skin irritation;

3、Don’t use many different brands of hair coloring cream at the same time;

4、Don’t dye your hair more than twice a year, and try to use less permanent dyeing creams;

5、Don’t use metal containers for color mixing when blending coloring creams;

6、Don’t start from the roots when dyeing hair, keep at least 2 cm away from the roots;

7、Do not use hot air for a long time after dyeing hair;

8、Do not expose your hair to the hot sun after coloring.

How to clean your face if you get hair dye on it?

1、Stubborn pigment is not easy to wipe off, you can stick a cotton swab to wipe the soot, it is easy to wipe off;

2、Cigarette ash can not be wiped off, use a cotton swab to stick a little detergent, can also be easily wiped off;

3, just stick to the skin, wipe off easily with a wet towel;

4, towel can not be wiped off, with a cotton swab stick cold hot water No. 1 agent, you can easily wipe off;

5, before the end of hair color, rinse with warm water, rub the scalp, so that the color that sticks to the scalp can also be easily diluted off.